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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will GoodLife ensure that the unique Culture of the Club stays intact?

GoodLife is committed to building on the remarkable 50 year history of the Fitness Institute. We recognize that the Fitness Institute offered an exceptional environment for Members to achieve their health and fitness goals which is a great reflection of the welcoming and inclusive environment we provide at GoodLife. We also have a shared goal of changing Members’ lives. We hope to maintain many of the core services, programs and amenities that are currently offered and that this will provide a high degree of continuity for our Members’ experience.GoodLife Founder and CEO, David Patchell-Evans also has a unique personal connection to the Fitness Institute as he had the opportunity to train there when he started his rowing career at the University of Western Ontario in the late 1970s. His holds the Fitness Institute and the service and Member care that has been provided in high esteem. Our Vision and commitment is that we will build on the expertise and legacy of the Fitness Institute by focusing on providing a high performance training ground suitable for Olympians and other elite athletes in conjunction with what we offer currently at GoodLife giving something for everyone from beginners to elite athletes alike.

Don't see an answer to your question? Contact us →