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Neighbourhood Clubs

Frequently Asked Questions


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1. How are Neighbourhood Clubs different than your average GoodLife Fitness Club?

GoodLife Fitness Neighbourhood Clubs are found in small towns and urban communities across Canada. These smaller clubs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Each Club boasts enough fitness equipment to serve the neighbourhood in an inviting atmosphere. We also have many services and amenities that will propel you to success in a fun and friendly manner.

2. Do Neighbourhood Clubs have JUMP! child minding?

No, our Neighbourhood Clubs do not have JUMP! child minding available.

3. Do Neighbourhood Clubs have Personal Training?

Yes, our Neighbourhood Clubs have Personal Training but the Personal Trainers are not Associates of GoodLife Fitness. They are trainers who have been authorized by GoodLife Fitness to operate in the Club to serve our Members.

4. Do Neighbourhood Clubs have Group Exercise classes?

Neighbourhood Clubs feature Virtual Fitness classes. Classes are held in the studio via a projector and screen with virtual instructors, but no live instructors. There are no Les Mills classes or other class types available at these clubs.

5. Do Neighbourhood Clubs have towel service?

No, our Neighbourhood Clubs do not have towel service. We do encourage you to bring a towel to dry off while working out.

6. Do Neighbourhood Clubs have orientations?

Yes, our Neighbourhood Clubs have orientations run a few times a week by the General Manager. Please visit the club during staffed hours or send an email to the club to book a time for your orientation.

7. Will there always be an Associate available at the Neighbourhood Club?

No. Although Neighbourhood Clubs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Clubs will only be staffed during certain times throughout the week. Please see the information page for your location on the website to find out when there are staffed hours.