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Strength Training Classes

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Whether you are new to Strength Training or not, GoodLife Fitness clubs and gyms have a variety of Strength Training Classes from low impact to high intensity that will fit your exercise experience and goals. Try one out today to help increase your strength and endurance.

Strength Training Classes


Our most popular strength training class. The original barbell class that shapes, tones, and strengthens your entire body.


A combination workout of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centred and calm.


The low-impact, whole body workout that uses VIVE™ balls and VIVE™ tubes to boost overall fitness and core strength. You're left fizzing with energy so you can really take life on!


A short, sharp 30-minute workout that will strengthen your core and tone your body.


A 30-minute workout that uses the Flexi-Bar for vibration training to strengthen and shape your body.

XCO Shape™

A fun and challenging total body workout that targets the core and protects against injury.


A fantastic high-energy cardio workout combined with strength training.

Newbody Muscle

A workout featuring functional strength moves using light hand-weights to tone & train your body.

Better Backs

A 15- or 30- minute conditioning class that works on flexibility exercises for your abs, back, shoulders and hips.

Awesome Abs

Awesome Abs is a 15- or 30- minute power-packed abdominal conditioning class.


*Class availability varies by location. See club for details.

Get started with Group Fitness

Fitness classes are a fun and effective way to get fit with friends.

Our Group Fitness classes are an excellent way to get started on the right path to a healthy good life. Experienced and certified fitness instructors will guide you through the early stages of any new class you're ready to tackle.

Ready to participate in a Group Fitness class? Classes are happening all of the time. Try one today, and bring a friend!

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