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Erin Power

Health Centre Specialist

Erin Power


Calgary South Pointe
12686 48th Street SE
Calgary, AB
T2Z 0B1

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Erin believes effortless health can be yours. Vitality. Great sleep. A happy mood. More energy than you know what to do with. Freedom from weird aches, pains, rashes, weight gain, mood swings, gut rot and more. Nutrition can get you there. She believe we can all be brought back from the brink of general unwellness (“dis-ease”) through gaining an understanding of how the body works. Rather than focusing on treating disease states, she brings the focus to imbalances within the body: immunity, digestion, hormones, toxicity, stress, sleep and more. As these underlying issues are addressed and supported, we find our diseases get better as a side effect of creating health. Her mission as a Holistic Nutritionist is to share this understanding through simple, attainable, sustainable lifestyle choices, based on the biochemically unique situation happening within your body.


Diploma of Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition Primal Blueprint Certified Precision Nutrition Certification - in progress


Nutritional Assessments Meal Plans Grocery Tours Kitchen Audits Corporate Wellness Nutrition Presentations


Erin has spent 20+ years in the health and fitness industry. She combines her decades-long knowledge and experience as a fitness professional with her education as a nutritionist to deliver well-rounded, holistic lifestyle prescriptions.