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Suzanne Wolff

Health Centre Specialist

Suzanne Wolff

Athletic Therapist

Winnipeg Kenaston
143 Nature Park Way
Winnipeg, MB
R3P 0Y6

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Personal Biography

Exercise and physical activity have always been an integral part of my lifestyle. My career as an Athletic Therapist and Personal Trainer stems from my love of playing sports and my own experience recovering from sports related injuries. It will be my pleasure to assist clients with their injury recovery through rehabilitative exercise, the use of modalities and biomechanical techniques, and to teach them strategies to prevent future injuries. I look forward to helping you with your injury recovery and rehabilitation, or to developing an exercise program adapted to your special needs so that you can enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle!


Bachelor of Kinesiology- Athletic Therapy, Student of Osteopathy- Manual Practioner, First Responder, Level C/ HCP CPR with AED


Rehabilitation using massage, stretching and corrective exercises, reconditioning, Ultrasound, electical stimulation in the forms of IFC, Pre-mod and TENS, Laser therapy, Ultrasound


St.Paul’s Football Athletic Therapist, Women’s Junior Hockey League