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Jeremy Hudson, B.A. Kin., CSCS

Health Centre Specialist

Jeremy Hudson, B.A. Kin., CSCS

Certified Posturologist

London King & Wellington
355 Wellington St.
London, ON
N6A 3N7

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Personal Biography

Jeremy is a Performance Enhancement Specialist. Certified as a Posturologist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Jeremy’s skills encompass everything from postural alignment correction to athletic movement and performance training. Jeremy’s expertise has led to featured presentations at national and international personal training conferences, national television, and fitness magazine and newspaper publications. Maintaining his status as personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness, Jeremy established the Hudson Institute of Performance Enhancement and London’s Posture Pro. HIPE provides valuable health, fitness and athletic performance content and delivers premium quality education to personal trainers. As London’s Posture Pro, Jeremy utilizes Posturology, a science-based approach to correcting spinal and joint alignment, to cure pain, enhance athlete performance and improve overall health.


UWO-B.A. Kin, Posture Pro –Posturologist, NSCA–CSCS, Guy Voyer – Osteopathic S&C, CHEK–High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist, PICP & Biosignature Level 1, SWIS–Functional Muscle Testing


For Enhanced Athletic Performance and Pain Relief - Posturology, Spinal Elongation & Myofascial Stretching, Osteopathic Strength & Conditioning, Functional Movement & Muscle Testing


Over 15 years of professional experience consulting for sport training companies and organizations, universities, professional and amateur athletes, health care practitioners, and GoodLife Fitness.