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Norm Spence

Health Centre Specialist

Norm Spence


North York Sheppard East
2235 Sheppard Avenue East
North York, ON
M2J 5B5

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Personal Biography

A long term sports enthusiast, Norm recognizes the need to have balanced strength to optimize performance, as well as to lessen the chance of injury. He began his career as a Pilates instructor when he realized the value and benefits of this training discipline as a client. Norm especially appreciates the intricacies involved in maintaining a healthy range-of-motion in joints. In 2011, Norm returned to the tennis court after successful rehabilitation from knee (2010) and hip (2011) replacement surgeries! Norm has over 10 years’ experience as an instructor. He enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their personal goals, whether it’s to improve their fitness level, their sports performance or to manage their mobility issues. Norm is experienced dealing with clients who are managing the challenges of arthritis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and stroke deficits. He will create and deliver personalized programs to safely challenge these clients in a fun and informative atmosphere.


Stott Pilates Intensive Matwork & Reformer Certification; Stott Pilates Injured & Special Populations Certification; CanFitPro Personal Training & Older Adult Specialist Certification


Muscle Activation Technique Jump Start Program; Resistance Training System program; Stott Zen*Ga Certified; BOSU Level 1 Certified; Tai Ji Fit Level 1 Certified


Practicing since 2005