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New Release Week

World renowned Les Mills fitness classes like BODYPUMP and RPM, exclusive to GoodLife Fitness in Canada, change up their moves and music four times a year to keep things fresh and exciting.

New Release Week is coming!

January 18th - 24th

Have you ever heard of Les Mills? They put a lot of research and science into the fitness classes they create in New Zealand and offer around the world.

GoodLife clubs and gyms brings them exclusively to you! Nowhere else in Canada do you get Les Mills classes like BODYFLOW, BODYPUMP, and BODYCOMBAT.

These classes are the best around and to keep them that way, Les Mills redesigns and re-choreographs their classes to new music four times a year using chart-topping music and all of the latest research in the fitness industry.

We call the week where we introduce these new moves and music New Release Week.

If you've never tried one of our fitness classes this is a great time to get started! Everyone is starting out fresh during New Release Week and the week or two after. It’s a chance to get started without feeling like a newbie. The energy is awesome and you may even see your instructors in costume!


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