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Become a Personal Trainer

Our Personal Trainers provide their clientele and co-workers with knowledge and coaching to achieve their fitness goals. Personal Trainers go beyond coaching, they support an environment that enriches people's lives.

Do you have a passion for health and fitness and want to share that passion with others? Did you know that some of Canada's most successful Personal Trainers are people without previous fitness education?

Learn more about Goodlife's Personal Training Institute.

Personal Trainers at GoodLife Fitness

Personal Trainers reach out to new clients to discuss their previous fitness history, plateaus and successes to date. They then develop a personalized plan that will influence the right behaviour changes in their client's life that will bring their overall health and fitness to the next level.

At GoodLife, our Personal Trainers can begin working with clients once they have completed their level 1 certification. With additional years of experience, completed courses and further certifications in fitness and nutrition, each Trainer can progress up to a level 6, where they will have been awarded with the highest certification within GoodLife. Level 6 Trainers are considered true experts in all areas of human anatomy and psyche, sports training and rehabilitation, weight loss/muscle gain, full program design and nutritional counselling.