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Team Training
12 sessions for $179

Team Training offers a fun and challenging way to work out and bond with others in a small group atmosphere. In our team training sessions you get access to specialized equipment and to one-on-one interaction with our team training coaches who coordinate a total body fitness based workout for you, advise you on your form and motivate you to succeed. People of all fitness levels can enjoy team training.


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Sorry, there are current no active Team Training camps in this city.

Please speak to an Club Associate at any of our GoodLife locations to register your interest in Team Training programming.

*$279 for non-Members. Camp availability varies from Club to Club. Pricing may vary depending on number of weeks and number of sessions per week. See in Club for details.


Personal Training
1 Session for $39

Get started today with this limited time special offer and a GoodLife Fitness certified Personal Trainer will help get you on the path to achieve your fitness goals.