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In 2018 we helped 1.5 million Members in 405 locations across Canada achieve their fitness goals.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Transformations
Bailey Reilly
GoodLife Fitness member
I started working out at GoodLife Fitness to help combat my postpartum depression. I hid my illness and felt that I could handle it myself. The day I thought about ending my life was the same day I walked into GoodLife Fitness. GoodLife truly changed my life. At my heaviest, I was 222lbs. I was so heavy that doing anything was exhausting. I could always find reasons to not workout. I was never really 'happy' with how I looked. I remember doing all kinds of diets in the past and still not getting anywhere. I got pregnant and had to spend 9 months listening to doctors tell me I was obese and not to gain weight while pregnant. It was humiliating and certainly contributed to my mental health issues. I started going to GoodLife as a way to meet people, have a hot shower and just spend some time alone. I had worked with personal trainers in the past but never felt like there was any progress. I'm so glad I started with a personal trainer at GoodLife. I have been with Rory now for 18 months. He helped me get from 212lbs to 182lbs and gain some serious strength which I value even more than the weight loss. I am so grateful for his help.
Lori Savoie
GoodLife Fitness Member
I have struggled with my weight my entire life and tried many diets over the years, and as a result, I would always give up. The more weight I gained the further I dropped into depression, to the point that I would not leave the house unless absolutely necessary. But I made the decision, not only for myself but for my family as well, to get back into the world of the living. The next day my diet changed and the next step was exercise. I walked into the GoodLife gym and an overwhelming feeling took over. I reached out for help and spoke to a personal trainer. This was truly the moment my life changed forever. Going from someone who could not walk up a set of stairs without being winded to someone who is able to run 5km or leg press over 200 pounds. I began my journey wearing a 3X to now wearing S/M and have lost over 120 pounds from my heaviest point. Not only has my life improved, but my family’s lives have as well.
Nigel Whiteley
GoodLife Fitness Member
My personal trainer Jeff Brown and I had been training together for about eight months when in early 2016, I was stricken with severe back and gut pains. Three trips to the ER resulted in stronger medications, but no diagnosis. The fourth trip by ambulance led to a 7 1/2 hr emergency surgery. A burst bowel had led to infection lodging near my spine. Three months in the hospital, then to the rehab centre where I was told I would likely never walk again and to prepare for life in a Wheelchair. Being a stubborn old Navy Vet (a thankful Vet Fit Member) I decided I would walk. After three months I was able to walk the length of the mini gym on a walker. I contacted Jeff, explained my situation and he drew up a plan of action which has led to great strides in my mobility. The electric wheelchair has been returned to the Ontario Central Equipment Pool. The cane is usually the only support I need and I use it at GoodLife 'in case' but increasingly need it less and less. Jeff has performed splendidly as a life coach, cheerleader, brilliant trainer and patient witness to what must seem like slow progress, but my mobility improvement continues to amaze me.
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Melissa Doucet
GoodLife Fitness Member
I was stressed and overwhelmed with work, kids and life in general. I was taking care of everyone else but myself and felt caught in a horrible cycle of starting and stopping exercising and eating well. I wanted desperately to feel better but couldn't seem to figure out what to do. Then I hit 260lbs. I felt out of control and worthless, embarrassed and sad. I went into this journey hesitant and reluctant, nervous about change and unsure of what the future could look like for me. What did I want? What were my goals and dreams? Do I really have the time for this? I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I took the risk and looking back now I'm so happy I took that first step. I am now 132lbs lighter with a better understanding of myself, plus the knowledge that self-care is of upmost importance to maintaining a healthy balance.
Jennifer Jones
GoodLife Fitness Member
A personal trainer can change the whole person - mentally as well as physically. Due to medications, I will probably never be a size small, but Louise has encouraged me to love my body and I do. Not only am I physically stronger than I ever imagined but Louise has helped improve my mental health with her encouragement. Nine months ago, she suggested taking electrolytes to help stop my frequent dizziness and I have not been dizzy since then. I never thought I would like working out and I absolutely love it!
Randy Gunn
GoodLife Fitness Member
In March 2017, I made the decision to get healthier and fit. I joined a gym about 7 years ago and did not see any results, so this time around I was determined to learn everything I could about health and fitness. I never imagined that it was possible for me to get as fit as I am, nor did I ever think that I would become an advocate of my own health the way that I have. I have never felt better or happier in my life. Prior to joining the gym, my energy levels were low, I wasn’t sleeping well and I didn’t understand what an important part nutrition plays in gaining muscle and staying healthy. I never fully understood the term, “lifestyle” change, but after 7 months at the gym and really concentrating on my health and fitness, I now realize, that this isn’t some short term diet or quick fix, this is a lifelong commitment. A commitment to me, to my health and to my future. I am proud of the work that I put in, I am proud of my trainer for pushing me past my limits, and I am proud to say that I am a member of GoodLife Fitness. GoodLife Fitness and my trainer have given me the tools necessary to get and stay fit. Thank you!
Robert Schwab
GoodLife Fitness Member
At 67 years of age, I was in pathetic shape. I weighed nearly 300 lbs and with osteo-arthritis in my knees, I could barely walk. My sons persuaded me that I had to do something and do it quickly, or I was going to face an early death. So began my journey to health. At 75 after two knee replacements I joined GoodLife. The real development for me was that I had finally found a trainer with the patience to teach the fundamentals. My trainer Nick keeps pushing me to execute my exercises with the proper form. The results are already transforming. I feel my shoulders straightening and my posture improving. I find my strength and energy growing to do ever more challenging exercises. My friends marvel at what good shape I am in already. I marvel at the fact that I've only begun! I used to believe the myth that you cannot build muscle after you reach about 68 years, but I now recognize that with effort, you can always benefit from regular exercise and weight training. The gym experience pays off in other ways. I now enjoy biking and in good weather hit the trails for a fifty kilometer run.
Scott Prochnau
GoodLife Fitness Member
When I started at the gym I only weighed 150lbs and at the 1 year mark I am weighing in at 170lbs. I am most proud of my max weight in my squats and deadlifts being at 300lbs and 375lbs. For me I never knew I could lift something that heavy in my life before, but with Stevens coaching and training he has improved my overall strength, mobility, changed my mindset not only on training but my self image and daily life. Having a personal trainer has changed my life for the better and I am forever thankful that I was able to train with Steven.
Lori Savoie
GoodLife Fitness Member
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