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Welcome to MindDEN

MindDEN Studio – Entryway

MindDEN Studio – Internal View

What is MindDEN?

Take time to destress and do what makes your soul happy. Learn to meditate and live mindfully. It will help you focus more, stress less,sleep better. Meditation made simple.

What to Expect

Take a few minutes to change the rest of your day. A simple meditation prior to or post workout can improve focus and influence the way your body responds to exercise. Experience how Meditation is a springboard for better living. Use our guided meditation app to help you get started.

MindDEN Locations

Alberta (3 Clubs)

Manitoba (1 Clubs)

Nova Scotia (1 Clubs)

Ontario (17 Clubs)



171 Guelph Street
Georgetown, Ontario
L7G 4A1


Pickering Ridge

1755 Pickering Parkway, Unit 28
Pickering, Ontario
L1V 6K5



8281 Yonge Street
Thornhill, Ontario
L3T 2C7