Getting Started

Congratulations! You've just made that first, important step towards a healthier, happier life.

By joining GoodLife Fitness, you're on your way to discovering the power fitness has to transform your life.

Let's Get Started

What to bring with you for your first time

Pack your gym bag with the following items to have a successful first time & every time workouts.

  • Your membership card.
  • Workout Towel — to wipe down the equipment you'll be using. If you don't have one, paper towels are provided.
  • A lock to keep your belongings safe.
  • A water bottle.
  • Gym clothes & appropriate gym shoes.

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Orientations, Personal Training and Group Fitness.

We offer three easy ways to get started on your fitness journey

Free Fitness Orientation

New to fitness? We've got you covered! Take one of our free orientations and learn the basics.

20 Minute Total Body Workout

Try our 20 Minute Fit Fix today. With 9 easy circuit machines you'll get a total body workout in less time than it takes to change a flat tire.

Free Fitness Classes

Great music, enthusiastic instructors and easy-to-learn exercises makes group fitness classes perfect for both beginners and pros.

Getting Started with Orientations

Orientations are a great way for all members to learn workout techniques.

Orientations are designed to show you how to use the machines safely and effectively. They're designed to maximize work outs for those on a tight time schedule. It's a work out everyone can fit in!

Fit Fix Orientation

The Fit Fix Orientation includes an explanation as to how to use all of the machines in the circuit so that you can get the most out of your workout. Our staff will demonstrate how to safely use the equipment and adjust machines to suit your body. The orientation consists of education, warm up, as well as an orientation to the 20 Minute FIT FIX strength training workout.

The Fit Fix Orientation is 60 minutes in length.

Cardio Orientation

This group cardio orientation session is designed to teach you the skills required to use the cardio training equipment that is available to you. This session includes education, demonstration as well as a hands-on learning workout. Learn how the machines work and how to use them effectively during your workout.

Group Cardio Orientation is 30 minutes in length.

Not able to make it to an orientation? Visit our blog for videos and healthy living tips.

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Getting Started with Personal Training

Personal Training is the #1, most effective and fastest way to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Whether you're a new or experienced exerciser, a Personal Trainer ensures that you get the motivation, education, and accountability that you need to achieve your goals.

Personal Training Starter Pack

If you purchased Personal Training with your membership it is important to:

  • Book all of your sessions within the first one or two days of joining
  • Schedule all of your sessions at a frequency of 3 times a week
  • Arrive for your sessions on time so you can get the most out of your workout
  • Wear exercise clothing and athletic shoes to your session

Personal Health Profile

If you did not purchase a Personal Trainer Starter Package, you may also book a complimentary Personal Health Profile with one of our certified Personal Trainers. Our Personal Trainers will work with you to see how you can best accomplish your goals.

This appointment is most effective if booked within 24 hours of joining. Speak with a Fitness Manager or visit the Front Desk for more information or to book an appointment.

Please wear exercise clothing and athletic shoes to your appointment.


Are you looking for a clear picture of your health status and a comprehensive plan to help you achieve results? Book a LifeChanger with one of our certified Personal Trainers and we can help you get the results you are looking for!

The one hour session includes:

  • Complete lifestyle assessment of your exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.
  • Vitality testing that includes body composition, blood pressure, heart rate, air flow, and saliva testing for pH balance.
  • Function movement workout that includes core, lunge, squat, and push/pull assessments.

Getting Started with Group Fitness

Kick it up with driving music and exhilarating Group Fitness Classes.

Getting yourself into a Group Fitness class can be an added element of FUN for your workout routine. We highly recommend that everyone register for a Group Fitness orientation class. Visit the Front Desk to book your orientation today!

We offer orientations for four different classes at various times throughout the week. They include:


An easy to follow, low impact cardio conditioning class that helps you redefine your body and prepare for life's daily stress.


An indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music and reach a calorie burning endorphin high!


Challenge yourself with this strength training class that will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body.


A combination of yoga, tai chi, and pilates that builds flexibility and strength, and leaves you feeling centered and calm.

Club Services & Amenities

We want to help you get the most out of your GoodLife Fitness membership!

Personal Training

Whether you're a new or experienced exerciser, a Personal Trainer ensures that you get the motivation, education, and accountability that you need to achieve your goals. We offer training for everyone.

Team Training

Enjoy the benefits of one on one training with the social support of working out as a team. Our Team Training boot camp options include TRX® Team Training and MyBootcamp™. Find a camp near you.

Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of fitness classes that appeal to every type of person, whether they're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast. In addition to our regular exercise studio, you can find cycling and yoga studios at many of our locations.

JUMP! Child Minding

While you’re working out, we’ll make sure your kids are having fun! Our JUMP! (Junior Up and Coming Members) program offers a stimulating and attentive environment for children 6 weeks - 11 years old and is available at most clubs.

Hot Yoga

Our hot yoga studios offer basic yoga classes in a warm and humid environment, with temperatures reaching 41°C (105°F). The heat allows your muscles to stretch deeper, while detoxifying and cleansing your body through sweat.

Squash Courts

Squash courts are available at several of our Ontario locations. We encourage all of our new members to try a squash orientation. Squash Pros are available for private or semi-private lessons. Check out our Junior Leagues.

Swimming Pools

Some of our clubs offer swimming pools to give you variety for your workout. We offer a wide range of aqua fitness classes led by certified instructors. You can also just relax or do laps during our recreational swim time. We also offer swim lessons.

Club Programs

We offer a number of programs that are geared to help you achieve your goals and keep you engaged as a Member.

Member Rewards

Every month we give away $1,000 to someone just for being active!

It's easy:

  • Pick up your workout card from the Front Desk.
  • Each time you work out get a signature from an Associate.
  • After every 6th workout, fill out a ballot for your chance to win.
  • Cross your fingers, you could be the winner!

Personal Training Success Story Contest

This monthly contest recognizes the outstanding achievements that our members accomplish through Personal Training.

Personal Training clients submit their progress in a short essay format accompanied by before and after photos. Three monthly winners are chosen and receive $1000 cash prize. Winners are chosen based on their personal story, how they transformed their body and how they now feel about themselves.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fit or unfit, 16 years old or 75. It is our hope that this contest, along with the assistance of our Personal Trainers, will inspire you to realize the power and ability within yourself to achieve the goals you desire.

Please speak with your Personal Trainer if you would like to enter.

Member Etiquette

At GoodLife we strive to create an environment that is safe and welcoming. Our vision is to give all Canadians the opportunity to live a fit and healthy Good Life.

To accomplish this we require that our members and all guests abide by following simple rules.


Do you have a question that you haven't found an answer for yet? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to find answers to many popular questions from Members just like you.

Contact Us

Do you have a question for us? Or some feedback to provide? You can Contact Us for any questions or comments you may have.

Online Communities

In addition to the wonderful communities that exist at each of our clubs, we offer great communities online through our blog and social media channels.

It's all about caring

At GoodLife, we care for you and your life. Our qualified team is here to help you reach your health and fitness goals, whether it is to gain strength, confidence, ease your stress, sleep better or feel great.

I'd like to personally welcome you to the largest chain of fitness clubs across Canada. You're part of a group of over 1,000,000 (1 million) Canadians who want to lead a better, healthier and more active life – while having fun! We are a Canadian owned and operated company that has served Canadians for over 30 years.

A positive attitude brings positive results. If it's your first time at a fitness club and you feel a bit intimidated, please don't worry. Over 70% of our Members are new to exercise when they join. If you have any questions, just ask an Associate.

I know you will achieve the results you want. See you in the club!

Yours in health and fitness,

David Patchell-Evans
Founder and CEO

P.S. Remember, we're here to care for you. If there's anything that you think would enhance your experience at GoodLife, we want to hear about it. Just drop us a line at anytime.