Health Centre

Complement your workout routine

Our Health Centres help you live better, recover faster, and perform stronger. We're open & available to members and non-members alike so find a Health Specialist at one of our 50+ Health Center locations across Canada.

Registered Massage Therapy

Discover the best way to recover from leg day or a long day at work. Registered massage therapy can help reduce tension and promote healing in strained muscles.


Improve yourself with a complete chiropractic treatment plan. Chiropractors use manipulations and mobilizations to improve joint function.

Physical & Sports Therapy

Get back on the field in better shape than before. If you have an injury or are recovering from an injury, our Practitioners provide a variety of treatments for musculoskeletal injuries.


Start off on the right foot. Foot orthotics are custom designed to support proper alignment of the joints in the foot and ankle, providing necessary support to the structures of the foot. They are also helpful as an effective adjunctive treatment for low back, hip, knee, and/or foot pain.


Acupuncture is one component of Traditional Chinese Medicine which aims to balance energy in the body in order to keep it functional and healthy. Acupuncture is very effective in treating a variety of painful disorders, both acute and chronic.

Naturopathic medicine

Naturopathic medicine combines modern scientific advances with traditional healing arts. Naturopathic Doctors are highly educated primary health care providers who take a multi-dimensional approach to develop individualized treatment plans for each client.

Kineisotaping® & Spider-Tech®

Kinesiotaping® and Spider-Tech® affect the activation of the neurological system and the circulatory system, and are used to manage pain and reduce swelling.

The cost of the treatment is covered by most Extended Benefit Plans.