Kate Bryant

Registered Massage Therapist

Kate Bryant

Registered Massage Therapist

Burlington Mall
777 Guelph Line
Burlington, ON
L7R 3N2

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Personal Biography

After highschool, I devoted my time to judo, training and competing. After I blew out my ACL (first of two) I decided to go back to school and get a career. I attended Canadian Therapeutic College where I completed a Diploma in Massage Therapy including clinincal placement and EMR certification. I do taping and bracing as well as emergency first aid at sporting events. Outside of work I enjoy working out, hiking, training, going to the movies and knitting. I have a black belt in judo and have been involved in the sport since 1988. I have competed provincially, nationally and internationally with a high degree of success. Even after two knee ACL reconstruction surgeries (one on each side) I continue to compete at the national level.


Canadian Therapeutic College, Massage Therapy EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) NCCP level 1 certified (judo)


Massage Therapy Athletic Taping and Bracing Spider Tech Tape


Massage Therapy at GoodLife Fitness Health Centres Provide EMR at a variety of sporting events