Tyler Paterson

Registered Massage Therapist

Tyler Paterson

Registered Massage Therapist

Georgetown Sinclair Avenue
65 Sinclair Avenue
Georgetown, ON
L7G 4X4

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Personal Biography

I graduated from Humber College in 2014 and received my Registration in September. Since then, I have been practicing at two multidisciplinary clinics. I have always been fascinated by how the body works and functions so I put that knowledge into practice. I thoroughly enjoy treating any individual that believes massage therapy will be beneficial to their healthcare and general wellbeing. I have passion for athletics and fitness and hope to further my career with athletes and sports teams. I strongly believe in listening to my patients to understand what goals they want to attain through massage therapy and exercise and develop a treatment plan accordingly. Feel free to come find me around the gym if you have any tips or ideas about camping and cooking!


Massage Therapy Diploma, with honors – Humber College


Trigger Point Therapy, Hot and Cold Application, Rehabilitative Remedial Exercise, Sports Massage (pre and post event), Deep Tissue Massage, and Myofascial & Fascial Release.


Worked with an array of patients from athletes, elderly, palliative care, injury rehabilitation, people with neurological disorders, and people in need of general stress relief/physical wellbeing.