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TRX® Team™ Training

A progressive suspension training workout that’s great for everyone.

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6 week camps from $199*

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Build Strength

Challenge your body while toning and building strength, increasing flexibility and balance and have fun doing it!

TRX® Team Training helps you build strength and increase muscle tone, flexibility, and balance. Have fun while you challenge your body with this progressive suspension training workout.

The Structure You Need

TRX® Team Training is exclusive to GoodLife Fitness and is conveniently located at a club near you. Commit to get fit with this fun and challenging workout program in as little as 2 sessions per week over 6 weeks for $199*.

Train as a Team

Train as a small group and get in-depth access to our inspiring team training coaches who will effectively motivate and challenge you in a safe environment.

Learn More About TRX® Team™ Training

Suspension training with TRX®

TRX® Suspension training utilizes your own body weight in each exercise, allowing you to choose the level of intensity that is right for you.

This workout will challenge your body by helping you tone and build strength, and increase your flexibility and balance. What’s more, we’ll guarantee you’ll have fun doing it.

TRX® Suspension training is taught by one of our great Certified Coaches all of whom meet the highest of standards, including:

  • Certification with 60+ hours of training
  • The highest standard of coaching on proper form and technique
  • The ability to provide exercise variations for optimal results
  • The ability to provide exercise variations for optimal results
  • Ensures the team progresses together

No one gets left behind with the opportunity to provide one-on-one support!

TRX® Team™ Force

Get Mission Ready Today

Achieve results fast with this military-inspired multi-week boot camp. Stay motivated and accountable with fun and challenging progressive workouts.

Train with certified TRX® Coaches and the support of your TEAM!

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*$279 for non-Members. Camp availability varies from Club to Club. Pricing may vary depending on number of weeks and number of sessions per week. See in Club for details.