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Amenities at GoodLife Fitness

We want to make it easy for you to achieve your fitness goals. Our state-of-the-art cardio theatres help you burn calories and keep you entertained with televisions and music. Our dry cedar saunas help you relax after an intense workout. Grab a refreshing drink from our Pro Shop for the trip home.

  • Group Fitness Studio
  • Group Cycling Studio
  • Pro Shop
  • Health Centre
  • JUMP! Child Care

Group Fitness Studio

Experience fitness in a group setting and enjoy the benefits and motivation of working out with others. Our studios include the equipment required for each class and a floor that will give with your movement. Floor to ceiling mirrors and a stage for the instructor ensure that you can always see what step you should be on.

Group Cycling Studio

Climb to the top of a hill or race against fellow members in one of our Group Cycling classes. With an abundance of state of the art stationary bikes and fans to help you keep your cool, there's always room for you in one of our classes such as RPM or All-Terrain.

Pro Shop

Forget your water bottle, head phones or lock? We have a range of items available for purchase in our Pro Shop.

Health Centre

Whether you are recovering from an injury, experiencing muscle discomfort or looking forward to a relaxing massage, our many certified and trained professionals can help. From RMTs to physiotherapists and more, we have options for everyone.

JUMP! Child Care

Working out is easier for parents thanks to GoodLife's JUMP! child care program. We'll engage your children in activities and fitness to begin instilling healthy foundations, all while allowing you to enjoy your workout. We'll keep your kids active while you're active!

More great amenities


Located conveniently in our clubs, our tanning services include a complimentary skin assessment to determine your skin type and ensure you achieve your best results. Available to members and non-members, we offer both stand up and lay down tanning beds so that you can tan however you're most comfortable.

Find out more about Tanning at GoodLife Fitness.

Swimming Pools

Several of our clubs offer swimming pools to give you variety for your workout and to make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is a great, low impact way to work your whole body and keep your energy high.

Find a pool in your area.

Squash Courts

Squash is a great way to stay fit. You can get a fantastic workout in as little as 30 minutes. Squash helps strengthen all major muscle groups, builds muscle endurance and improves agility and flexibility.

Squash courts are available at several of our Ontario locations.

Find out more about Squash at GoodLife Fitness.

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