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Personal Trainer Levels

Level 1: Your trainer has completed the GoodLife Personal Training Institute (GLPTI) and has, or is in the process of completing Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro) Personal Trainer Specialist certification. Your trainer can develop programming that encompasses your cardiovascular, strength and flexibility needs as well as address lifestyle issues.

Level 2: Your trainer has a university degree in a health field and/or previous experience and is a certified Canadian Fitness Professional. Your trainer is qualified to develop one year training programs that will guide you towards accelerated results.

Level 3: Your trainer has a minimum one year experience and an education related to advanced assessment and programming techniques. Your trainer can address a variety of lifestyle components relating to your health and wellness goals as well as the ability to adapt your training program to see accelerated results. Your trainer may hold a certification relating to a special population (e.g. Pre/post natal, post rehabilitation, nutrition) or a sporting field (marathon, triathlon, power lifting).

Level 4: Your trainer has been working in the industry for several years. Your trainer has advanced certifications and offers specialty training so that clients achieve superior results.

Level 5: Your trainer has mentored other Personal Trainers and has researched advanced topics in Personal Training. They have passed an interview with the Vice-President of Personal Training Operations. Your trainer has been nominated as one of the ‘Top Personal Trainers of the year’ at GoodLife.

Level 6: Your trainer will be seasoned with exceptional leadership and program development skills. Level 6 trainers are the absolute best in the field.