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GoodLife Form

Fort Saskatchewan

Co-Ed Club

Southpointe Centre
9368 Southfort Drive
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
T8L 0C5


COMING: Fall 2017

GoodLife Fitness - Fort Saskatchewan

The GoodLife is coming to Fort Saskatchewan! More details about the amenities, timelines and membership specials for this 24,0000 new location, located in Southpointe Centre, will be posted soon.



The Fort Saskatchewan Co-Ed Club will have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

*Club amenities may change before opening. Please check back for updates.

  • 20 Minute FitFix is available at this Club.
    20 Minute FitFix
  • Cardio-Vascular Equipment is available at this Club.
    Cardio-Vascular Equipment
  • A Sauna is available at this Club.
  • Fitness Orientations are available at this Club.
    Fitness Orientations
  • A Free-weight Area is available at this Club.
    Free-weight Area
  • Group Cycling is available at this Club.
    Group Cycling
  • Group Fitness is available at this Club.
    Group Fitness
  • View information about Personal Training at GoodLife Fitness
    Personal Training
  • Massage Chairs are available at this Club.
    Massage Chairs
  • Spacious Modern Change Rooms are available at this Club.
  • A Stretching Zone is available at this Club.
    Stretching Zone
  • Towel Service is available at this Club.
    Towel Service
  • Virtual Fitness Classes are available at this Club.
    Virtual Fitness Classes

Reasons to Join

Cardio Equipment

Put new energy into your workouts! Our cardio equipment features several types of machines to help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health. Enjoy the cardio cinema, where you can listen to your favourite tunes or watch TV while you work out!

FIT FIX - 20 Minute Workout

If you have a busy schedule and want results fast, this is the answer. The stations work all of your major muscle groups in only 20 minutes -- making it a safe, simple to use training system!

FREE Fitness Orientations

Just starting an exercise program? Not familiar with exercise equipment or what it does? At GoodLife, we make it easy. We offer free Fitness Orientations to all members so you can learn how to get the most out of your workouts.

Free Weights

Our extensively equipped free-weight area will provide you with equipment designed to specifically work all muscle groups.

Group Cycling

Get ready to take on the hills, flats, and mountain peaks -- all to upbeat music with varying speeds and resistance levels. This is a great cardio workout class for beginner to advanced levels.

Group Fitness Studio

The pumping tunes, the exciting routines, and the friendly instructors make it easy to enjoy a great group workout. PAVI flooring better absorbs the shock of high impact exercise.