New Club Opening

Stittsville Co-Ed Club

GoodLife Fitness is coming to a neighbourhood near you.

1100 Carp Road
Stittsville, ON

New Club Details

GoodLife Fitness provides a clean, friendly and well-equipped environment with a variety of amenities for getting fit. Free weights, Group Fitness classes, Cardio equipment, saunas – the list goes on. With over 365 locations across Canada, we're giving every Canadian the opportunity to live a healthier, happier life - and feel better about themselves.

Stittsville Co-Ed Club: 24,810 ft², two levels.

New Club Operating Hours

24 Hours / 7 Days a Week

Amenities & services available at this location

Browse the extensive list of state-of-the-art amenities available to GoodLife Fitness members.


Personal Training Area

Get real results, fast!

- Achieve 80% better results 3 times faster than working out on your own.
- Personal Trainers educate, motivate and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Isn't it easy to see why most of our members get started with a Personal Trainer?

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Cardio Area

Burn calories on the cardio machines

- Over 80 pieces of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and much more!
- This equipment will help you weight and improve your cardiovascular health.
- Easy to use!

Which piece of equipment will you choose first?

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20 Minute FitFix Circuit & Orientations

Short on time? Try our 20 Minute FitFix line

- Safe, simple and easy to use.
- Circuit-style workout targeting all major muscle groups.
- Suitable for all fitness levels.

Do you have 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week?

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Free Weights & Strength Training Machines

- Features dumbbells from 5 - 100 lbs.
- Target specific muscle groups
- Variety of pieces including cables, barbells and benches.


Group Fitness Studio

Group Fitness at GoodLife

- Variety of classes including BodyPump, BodyFlow, Newbody and more!
- Multi level classes for all fitness levels
- Exclusive LesMills programming

Which class are you excited to try first?

Group Fitness
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Group Cycling Studio

Group Cycling at GoodLife

- a great cardio class for all fitness levels
- burn up to 800 calories per class
- fun, motivating instructors to coach you through

Wouldn't you like to have some fun while achieving your fitness goals?

See Group Cycling in motion.
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Stretching Area


- Designated area specifically for core and flexibility training
- Stretching allows your muscles to loosen up before and after your workout.


Towel Service

- Convenient!
- Simply pick up at Front Desk
- Additional $5.00 bi-weekly


Change Rooms & Dry Cedar Saunas

Spacious Modern Change Rooms

- Spacious day-use lockers
- Private showers with shampoo/bodywash and conditioner
- Mirrored vanities and hair dryers


JUMP! Child Minding Room

Let us help you find time for a workout

Junior Up & Coming Member Program
- 6 weeks to 12 years old
- a safe place for your kids to play while you workout
- open mornings and evenings

Ask about our JUMP! memberships!

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Hydro Massage & Tanning


Health Services

Complement your workout routine

Our Health Centres help you live better, recover faster, and perform stronger.


Women's Only Workout Area

Designated "women's only area"

- For women who prefer to exercise in an all-female environment
- Separate entrance to the Change Room
- All of the features of our co-ed section in the privacy of a For Women area


Turf Zone

Are you looking to take your game to the next level?

This space allows for high-intensity, functional workout activities and equipment; like agility ladders, kettle bells, speed sleds, battle ropes and other specialized equipment guaranteed to get you results, fast!


Virtual Fitness

Workout at a time that suits you

Virtual Fitness is a new initiative that GoodLife is introducing into select locations. Classes are held in the perspective studio (Group Fitness or Cycling studio) via a projector and screen during off peak hours when LIVE classes are not able to be scheduled.

The goal of Virtual Fitness is to allow more opportunity for members to try Virtual Fitness when they are unable to attend a live class.


Hot Yoga Studio & Lounge

Getting pulled in all directions? Centre yourself with hot yoga.

It’s not a stretch to say hot yoga will improve your flexibility. Hot yoga is an excellent workout for everyone, from beginners to advanced yoga participants.
Whether you’re looking to increase energy and strength or simply seeking an alternative to your usual workout routine, GoodLife Hot Yoga will leave you feeling relaxed, energized and renewed.
We’re excited to offer this service to our members

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