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Do Neighbourhood Clubs have orientations?
Yes, our Neighbourhood Clubs have orientations run a few times a week by the General Manager. Please visit the club during staffed hours or send an email to the club to book a time for your orientation.

Neighbourhood Clubs

Do Neighbourhood Clubs have JUMP! child minding?
No, our Neighbourhood Clubs do not have JUMP! child minding available.
Do Neighbourhood Clubs have Personal Training?
Yes, our Neighbourhood Clubs have Personal Training but the Personal Trainers are not Associates of GoodLife Fitness. They are trainers who have been authorized by GoodLife Fitness to operate in the Club to serve our Members.
Do Neighbourhood Clubs have Group Exercise classes?
Neighbourhood Clubs feature Virtual Fitness classes. Classes are held in the studio via a projector and screen with virtual instructors, but no live instructors. There are no Les Mills classes or other class types available at these clubs.
Do Neighbourhood Clubs have towel service?
No, our Neighbourhood Clubs do not have towel service. We do encourage you to bring a towel to dry off while working out.
Do Neighbourhood Clubs have orientations?
Yes, our Neighbourhood Clubs have orientations run a few times a week by the General Manager. Please visit the club during staffed hours or send an email to the club to book a time for your orientation.
Will there always be an Associate available at the Neighbourhood Club?
No. Although Neighbourhood Clubs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Clubs will only be staffed during certain times throughout the week. Please see the information page for your location on the website to find out when there are staffed hours.
What is the online sales process?
Once you join online, you will need to come into the club to receive and activate your membership card during the staffed hours. 
What type of fitness classes are offered?
We offer a variety of virtual fitness classes as well as instructor led classes. Certified local group fitness Instructors who have been approved by the General Manager will also offer group fitness programs. Please note that an extra cost may be associated with all live instructor led classes.
What is On Demand Fitness?
On Demand Fitness means that any member can come to the club and use the Virtual Fitness Studio when it is not in use. Simply load a virtual class from the computer system to the screen and follow. 
How will Personal Training operate?
Certified local Personal Trainers who have been approved by the General Manager will offer their services at the Club.
Who can access the Club and at what cost?
All GoodLife Fitness Club Access, Alberta Multi-Club Access and Corporate Members will have access to the Cochrane club. NOTE: All existing GoodLife members must have their card connected to the Cochrane club access system. To connect their card, visit the club during staffed hours or at the Calgary Beacon Hill Club.
If someone is between the age of 12 and 17, can they join?
No. However, people between the age of 12 and 17 can work out at the club as a guest accompanied by a member that is their parent or legal guardian who is over 18yrs and only during the staffed hours of the club. If a current member from another GoodLife location who is between the age of 12 and 17 wants to workout at the Cochrane club, their access will be limited to staffed hours of the club. 

Fitness Institute

What is the new name of the Club?
The Club is now called GoodLife Fitness North York Sheppard East.
Will the hours stay the same?
We will be keeping the hours the same:Monday to Friday – 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.Saturday and Sunday – 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Will the staff remain the same?
We are hopeful that many of the current Fitness Institute Associates will join the GoodLife Team so that there will be many familiar faces when you come into the Club. There will also be the addition of current GoodLife Associates to ensure you continue to have a great experience while achieving your health and fitness goals.
How will GoodLife ensure that the unique Culture of the Club stays intact?
GoodLife is committed to building on the remarkable 50 year history of the Fitness Institute. We recognize that the Fitness Institute offered an exceptional environment for Members to achieve their health and fitness goals which is a great reflection of the welcoming and inclusive environment we provide at GoodLife. We also have a shared goal of changing Members’ lives. We hope to maintain many of the core services, programs and amenities that are currently offered and that this will provide a high degree of continuity for our Members’ experience.GoodLife Founder and CEO, David Patchell-Evans also has a unique personal connection to the Fitness Institute as he had the opportunity to train there when he started his rowing career at the University of Western Ontario in the late 1970s. His holds the Fitness Institute and the service and Member care that has been provided in high esteem. Our Vision and commitment is that we will build on the expertise and legacy of the Fitness Institute by focusing on providing a high performance training ground suitable for Olympians and other elite athletes in conjunction with what we offer currently at GoodLife giving something for everyone from beginners to elite athletes alike.
Where are all of the GoodLife Fitness locations?
Information on all of our Club locations is easily accessible on our website at Click on ‘Find a Club’ at the top right of the home page and choose a province and city from the drop-down menu, or search by postal code. Other information like the Group Fitness schedules, Club amenities, monthly offers and the history of our Company are also located on our website. Just take a look around and familiarize yourself with all we have to offer!
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Debit, Cash, Visa and MasterCard.
Will WiFi continue to be available?
Yes. We will continue to offer WiFi for you to enjoy.
When will I receive my GoodLife card?
We are hoping to get your information loaded into our system as soon as possible. Until it is loaded we ask that you sign in on the sign in sheets at the Front Desk each time you come in.
How do I access other GoodLife Clubs until I get my GoodLife card?
Please use your Fitness Institute card to access any of our GoodLife locations. At these locations you will need to sign in. If you do not have your Fitness Institute Membership card, please see an Associate for a temporary card.Once you receive your GoodLife Membership card you will be able to scan in for your workouts.
Do I need to sign a new contract with GoodLife?
GoodLife is assuming all Fitness Institute contracts and will be continuing to honour all of Fitness Institute’s contractual obligations. For specific questions regarding your Membership, please speak with an Associate.
Will my rates change?
Rates for your Membership will remain the same. Your Membership will include an All Club Access Membership to all GoodLife Clubs. GoodLife Fitness also has reciprocal access to 24 Hour Fitness Clubs in the United States. This give you access to the 400+ 24 Hour Fitness Clubs in the U.S.
What does my current Membership get me at GoodLife?
Your current Membership will include all Group Fitness and Virtual Fitness Classes, use of cardio and free weight equipment, Tanning, massage chairs, hydro massage, free Holds, free Hot Yoga, towels and free family Guest passes. If you had Lockers and Laundry included in your Membership, you will still have these services as part of your Membership.
What if I already have a GoodLife Membership?
If you already have a GoodLife Membership, we ask that you see an Associate at the Front Desk and we will look at both your Memberships and recommend which one to keep. From there we will do the appropriate paperwork to best service you.
Does my parking pass still work?
Yes. Your pass will still work the same as it always has. If you misplace your card you will be required to purchase a new one.
How do I get a towel?
Towels will be given out at the front desk moving forward. We will give you up to two towels on your way in. If you need to refresh them, you are welcome to return them to the front desk to get new ones at any time.
Will there be Family Day changes?
We will be making some changes to the Family Day Policy. For the Pool, we will be having a family swim on Sundays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The cost of this is $2 per child. We ask that you accompany your child if they are under 12 years of age. The family swim will now have a lifeguard present. For all Club activities, our youth age is 12 years old and up. All those who are 12 years and up are welcome to have a Membership to work out in the Club. For all children under the age of 12, they will not be able to access to the gym floor.
Will the Pool still be available?
Yes the Pool will still be available for you to use. We also have pools at the following nearby location: North York Madison Centre, North York Sheppard Centre & Toronto Dufferin.
Will there continue to be a Sports Medicine Clinic?
We will continue to have a Health Centre with Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Naturapaths and Pilates Instructors that can service you. Please see the Health Centre reception desk for more information.
Will the pre-existing fitness classes remain the same?
Your Group Fitness schedule will continue to include some of the classes currently offered. We will also be introducing some of our GoodLife LES MILLS™ Classes. GoodLife Fitness has exclusive rights to LES MILLS™ programming in Canada, providing a wide variety of high-quality workouts that our Members really enjoy. Throughout the coming months, our Team will review class participation, as well as get a better understanding of the needs of our Members.
Where can I find the Group Fitness schedule for this location?
We will post the Group Fitness schedule outside of the Group Fitness studio.
If I am an AMEX Corporate Member and I pay with an AMEX Credit Card at a special rate, will that change?
All Members payment types will remain the same. If you pay by any type of credit card or bank account, we will continue taking payments from that same credit card or bank account that you have provided. Any New Members will only have the option to pay with a void cheque through a bank account. If you are a current member of AMEX, we are currently working on your Membership option. We will provide more details soon.
Will Tennis continue to be available?
Yes. We are excited to add Tennis to the GoodLife Membership offering. Daniel will be staying with us and will continue to offer the programs that you are accustomed to. This includes our relationship with the Toronto Tennis Academy.
I play Tennis, do I have to sign in at the Front Desk?
Yes. For all workouts, you will need to sign in at the Front Desk. When you come to the Club, please let the Associate know that you will be using the Tennis Court and you will need to pay the Tennis Court fee at that time:Non-Prime Time – $12 + HST per Court:- Weekdays: 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.- Weekends 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.Prime Time – $18 + HST per Court:- Weekdays: 4:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.- Weekends: 8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.Summer Time – June 1 to September 14 – $12 + HST per Court
Do I still need to book a Tennis Court online?
Yes. You will still have access to online booking. To book a Tennis Court, please visit, click on ‘Find a Club’ > Select ‘North York Sheppard East’ > Scroll down to the Tennis icon in the Amenity Menu and click on ‘Tennis’ and this will take you to the Booking Page for the Courts. Your password and login information will remain the same as it was with the Fitness Institute.
Are kids and youth allowed on the Courts?
Yes. Anyone who is 12 years or older or part of a program will be able to use the Tennis Courts provided the proper Court fees and Membership applies. Please speak to a friendly Associate at the Front Desk for more details.
If I am a current GoodLife Member, will I need to add Tennis to my Membership as an additional amenity?
Yes. You can add Tennis to an All Club Access Membership. The cost will be an additional $15 bi-weekly, plus applicable taxes or you can upgrade your Membership to a Fitness Institute Tennis Membership. Please ask an Associate for details. Please Note: This does not include the Court fees.
How does my current Tennis Membership work now that I am a GoodLife Member?
Your Membership type with GoodLife is called a ‘Fitness Institute Tennis Membership’. This gives you access to all GoodLife locations, Energie Cardio locations and visiting privileges to 24 Hour Fitness in the United States. In addition, you will have access to Hot Yoga, Tanning, HydroMassage, Massage Chairs, Group Fitness, Virtual Fitness, Cardio and Weight Training Equipment, Change Room Amenities, Towels, Free Holds and free Guest Memberships, along with Tennis (excluding Court fees).
What is happening to my Personal Training sessions?
All Personal Training sessions are being transferred to GoodLife Fitness. Your training sessions will either continue as usual with your existing Personal Trainer, or you will have the opportunity to speak with the Fitness Manager to discuss your different Personal Training options.
Are there other Personal Training or Team Training programs available?
There are a variety of excellent Personal Training and Team Training programs available for our Members. Please speak with a Personal Trainer or Team Training Coach at your Club for more information. Examples of great programs available to you include the Life Changer Program, Personal Training Starter Packages and Team Training Programs. More information on these programs will be available soon.

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