Strength Training Classes

Whether you’re new to strength training or it’s your favourite workout, GoodLife Fitness has a the strength training class to suit you. Increase your strength and endurance in one of our strength training classes that range from low impact to high intensity.

Choose Your Intensity Level:



CXWORX™ provides the vital ingredient for a stronger body while chiselling your waist line. A stronger core makes you better at all things you do - it's the glue that holds everything together.



BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell workout for absolutely everyone. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition (reps), BODYPUMP™ gives you a total body workout that burns calories, strengthens and tones.



Experience this 30 minute workout that will help to strengthen and shape your whole body. Featuring the Flexi-Bar, you will work out while using vibration training techniques that have proven to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Extensively tested and approved as an effective tool for improving back health, the flexi-bar will optimize strength and stability for all fitness levels.


Flexible Strength

Flexible Strength is a unique training session focusing on improving muscular strength and stamina and flexibility. Focus will be on movement (with components of Yoga) that simulate and enhance daily life activities. A great training session for all levels of fitness.

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